Vibrators Through the Ages

If you thought that vibrators were a relatively new invention, you’d be absolutely wrong. Cleopatra apparently started the trend, and human ingenuity just went on from there. Of course, until relatively recently – as in within the past 30 years – the vast majority of these devices were sold and marketed as either medical devices or beauty products. Maybe there were at least a few winks and nods involved in those transactions, but more likely it involved more than a little blushing. Even today, sex toy retailers promise the ubiquitous “plain packaging” when shipping items to customers.

Take a look at a quick run through the history of vibrators:

So, what do you think will be next? Better question, is there something that you would really love to see, but haven’t yet?

Remember, in the age of Kickstarters and 3D printers, it’s possible for anyone to make and sell just about anything!