Wisdom of Exiting the Closet Because of Orlando

The obvious culprits of not letting a tragedy go to waste the anti-gun and the xenophobic folks who are more than happy to pimp their views no matter how distasteful that may be. But, this time around, there’s a new group that might need to think twice about the wisdom of their comments. It seems there are at least a few people in the spotlight who have decided that this is a great time to start talking about their sexuality. You know, it’s all about showing solidarity, right?

Uh, maybe?

First, let’s get into the least offender, since he didn’t exactly come out of the closet. True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård stated in an interview that the best Australian co-star kisser he’s had is Ryan Kwanten. So, that was from a limited list of three, with the other two being women. While tantalizing to some, it’s basically not a big deal. Also, there was no mention of Orlando, so this was probably just the media and social media trends bringing anything remotely related to being gay into the spotlight. (Yes, that is a bad thing.)

Now, there were two people who decided it was a good idea to come out of the closet while making a statement of one kind or another about solidarity with the victims in Orlando. The first one was Mara Wilson of Matilda fame, who stated that she’s embraced the bi-queer label. We all need labels! Ok, maybe not.

The second was probably at least a little surprising, and maybe depressing for his fans. The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft also exited the closet, stating publicly that he is gay. He also stated that he had informed his family and friends about his sexuality back in the 80’s, primarily because of the AIDS epidemic.

While it is good to see people being honest about their sexuality in general, given the timing of these statements, one has to wonder how wise the motives behind them really are. Yes, it can be interpreted exactly as they have stated it – an act of solidarity. However, it’s also tempting to think that these people may have been trying to get some media attention simply because there was a tragedy. That is definitely wrong. In the end, it will be up to the individuals out there to interpret this one, and these people may just turn into a cautionary tale or a footnote pointing out a behavior that is at least a little self-interested and not in a good way.