California Approves LGBT Curriculum – Conservative Reaction Proves Need For It

California students will be learning about the historic contributions of LGBT persons in the classroom soon. Conservatives have taken to social media to show how they feel about that.


Names and profile pictures have been obscured to protect the intelligent and the stupid. Given the reactions to this one post about the curriculum on Facebook, it can only be assumed that not only are these people bigoted, but also illiterate. Apparently they believe that teachers will start teaching about what LGBT do in their bedrooms, while teaching history. Why not? After all, they already get into the sex lives of all other historical figures, right?

The irony is that these responses absolutely prove why students need to learn about LGBT people in an historical context. However, maybe the real issue is that these supposedly responsible adults are worried that the kids will learn the real truth. Children might figure out exactly how hateful they are. Even worse, there might be an even steeper decline in youth participation in organized religions, because the kids might learn about the history of religious leaders leveraging fear and hatred to make their flocks behave like these sterling individuals have on Facebook.

Yes, the original comment is absolutely correct – if your belief system can’t deal with diversity, it’s your faith that is the problem.

If you happen to see comments like the ones here on this curriculum, feel free to point out that Pat Robertson should go down in history for suggesting that AIDS was a punishment from God. Guessing that Robertson thinks that forgiveness is restricted to his followers, because they give him money.

  • Chester

    Too many people are still like Mr. Robertson, if you don’t do and think exactly the way I do, you are a SINNER, and not fit for salvation. And sorry, but for all his schooling and preaching, I refuse to acknowledge Mr. Robertson’s right to be called Reverend, or any other title that might indicate he has a smattering of hope for the rest of us.