Hype Over Little Rooster

Anyone who has been on FetLife knows that Little Rooster has (theoretically) been around for a while now. Their little ad had been sitting in the right column there for a very long while, pushing itself toward what is arguably the prime target market for the product. It’s also a fairly unforgiving and demanding group, though.

I’m guessing that the sales were not as swift as the manufacturer had hoped, or something. Whatever the reasoning, the company managed to get itself front and center through a freebie media campaign, otherwise known as getting the attention of at least a couple British news sites like the Mirror. What do you know? Now, the product is on backorder.

The concept is simple enough – a vibrator that starts based on alarms set on a digital clock.


No, that doesn’t look like something that could be comfortable to wear while sleeping. Just saying. Of course, Tony Maggs, the inventor of the little gizmo, explained in an interview back in 2014 that they tested it for comfort – on about a dozen women of varying body shapes.

Uh huh.

In case anyone was wondering why this little toy might not have done so well in kink world, I’ll point out something that probably crossed the minds of many would-be buyers. “You want nearly $100 for that?!?”

For around $40 more someone could buy a remote controlled vibe that works via Bluetooth and the internet – so you could control it from anywhere in the world. And those toys don’t look like they’d dig into you in all the wrong ways. I’m going to venture a guess, but somehow I doubt there were many women in the dozen or so chosen to test this thing who had children. (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about here!)

Now, I do have some thoughts that would merge a few existing gadgets to do essentially what this thing does. No, I’m not sharing. Stay tuned. Maybe there’s a Kickstarter in my future – a toy designed by a woman for women. No, I’m not pulling the sexism card here. Just pointing out that some things probably are best developed by women.

I’ll be relatively fair here, though. No, I haven’t used the Little Rooster. No, I won’t buy it, because it’s a sex toy that I fully expect will end up at the bottom of my toy bin. However, if Maggs would decide that he wants to disprove my general thoughts on his invention, I’d happily test it if it arrived on my doorstep with his compliments. Otherwise, I’m sticking with many in the kink world – I’ll pass.