Universities Starting to Promote Kink Without Knowing It

Here’s hoping sex week on campus includes talk about age play, or something! These folks need to learn about that.

It’s difficult to miss stories these days about bullying, safe spaces, or the need to protect someone from undesirable feelings. These are particularly common on college campuses, and some of them have taken the safe space thing to the point where it looks a lot like something in kink world.

Heat Street was one of many outlets to bring attention to an event that had been planned by the University of Michigan Law School in the wake of the election. Presumably because some students might have been upset by the outcome, they were going to help them out a little.


If you started thinking about “littles” and their Daddy Doms, you weren’t alone. The one question is – Did Reena Sheth, the psychologist who thought of this one, have any clue about the connection in kink world?

It’s fair to guess that she didn’t. Sheth was described as an “embedded psychologist,” which raises its own set of questions, like why is one needed, for a start. Keep in mind, this is a law school, and the graduates presumably will have to face all manner of uncomfortable situations in the workplace. Here’s hoping that any of the students who needed to play like littles just to get over an election aren’t planning on a career in criminal law. They might now survive it!

That’s not a statement against lifestyle folks, obviously. These people are just refusing to grow up at all. This isn’t remotely close to the “letting go” of responsibility around a trusted partner. It’s a complete failure to be adult-like in any way in the first place.