Sometimes Spying Can Be Good

Lately, there have been at least a few headlines about certain devices injuring people. The two most common classes are e-cigarettes…

and Samsung Note 7’s….

Yes, there are a lot of theories about why this is happening, but one common theme is how they are powered – rechargeable Lithium batteries. What does this have to do with anything kinky?

Well, there are sex toys out there that use the same technology, to keep people from having to buy new batteries all the time, or be tethered to an electrical outlet when they’re having fun. One of these has made headlines, because of a lawsuit over an invasion of privacy of the users.

At first blush, maybe it does seem right to be very upset about this, until you think about it in context with the other products out there that are powered the same way. Makers of the We-Vibe Rave are paying out over collecting data from their toy – very personal data. Some of that data is over the line, definitely – like information users share with their intimate partners via chat and webcam. (Seriously? Why would you use the in-app options for that? Skype isn’t perfect either, but…)

Other stuff, like frequency of use, and device performance during use? Well, I have only one thing to say about that: Go ahead! Be my guest!

Why in the world would I say I don’t have a problem sharing that information with the manufacturer of a sex toy? Well, let’s keep those explosions in mind. If the company that made the toy is keeping track of silly things like whether or not their product is overheating during use? Yes! I want them to do that! Yes, I want them to be able to contact me, and let me know my toy is overheating too much! Hell, I’d even have no problem with them having a kill switch, to prevent their toy from exploding INSIDE ME!

So, while it might seem creepy or invasive to some people, maybe it isn’t a totally terrible thing to have sex toys monitored, especially when they are powered by things that have been shown to explode. Do I think the people who sued this time were right? Yes, because the company went too far, and wasn’t up front about it. But, here’s hoping they keep monitoring their toys, with consent of the users. If they manage to figure out a way to prevent dangerous (explosive) situations with their products through that monitoring, they might find themselves in a very good situation. After all, e-cigarette manufacturers and Samsung will be begging for that technology!