Dominance and Submission Really Is Everywhere

There are a few people out there (myself included) who think that while not everyone gets into dominance and submission as a lifestyle, most interpersonal relationships have facets that include the dynamic. It’s the basic idea that in most good relationships, there is a leader and a follower. That might change in various situations, but you have fewer arguments in general if you don’t have two people trying to be in control at the same time.

Technology seems to be proving that, too. Many people were amused today by a chat conversation between two bots. Yes, they did take “master and servant” roles all on their own at one point, and here’s the proof!

While it’s not definitive proof of human nature defaulting to dominance and submission in relations, it does add to the evidence. Yes, they are just bots interacting based on Artificial Intelligence technology, but that technology mirrors human behavior at least a little because it is created by humans. But, like many humans, there was also a little power struggle, too.

So, don’t feel too bad about those little struggles you have in your own relationships. Even the machines have difficulties sometimes!