How About Owning Your Freaky Self?

Sad as it may be, we still have issues in society about owning who and what we are. Yes, there is occasionally a reason to be concerned about one’s reputation, but when it comes to flamboyant behaviors in one’s past, it starts to get a bit thin. Tomi Lahren is the latest one to show that she simply can’t deal with her own past.

Sure, she’s an up and coming conservative pundit, but does that really mean she needs to start sweeping out old social media posts when her detractors come across them?

Apparently so.

In Lahren’s world, perhaps it is a bad thing to discover that you’re trending on Distractify for less-than-grown-up tweets from when you were still in college? I mean, I’m sure that her current adult audience never did anything they regretted in their youth (or lately.) They couldn’t possibly think highly of anyone talking about partying, sex, and all of that. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t just elect someone to the highest office of the land who managed to talk about grabbing women’s private parts, right?

If you think I’m making the leap to normalizing any of that nonsense, forget it. However, I will say that Lahren made a mountain out of a mole hill, mostly by giving any attention whatsoever to the people who unearthed her old tweets. It also didn’t help that she took to deleting them. That just screams “I’m guilty!”

Yes, Lahren was guilty of being a typical American college student at one point in her life. So what?

Maybe it would have been fine to just call out the ones who called her a hypocrite. Sorry, but that’s dead wrong. Again, “college girl” Lahren isn’t the same as “conservative pundit” Lahren. The difference is the same as it is for anyone else of her age who managed to move on from that college-girl mentality – she grew up.

Unfortunately, apparently the people who started all this in the first place did not.

As for why I’m going on about this here, as opposed to anywhere else? This is why kinky people tend to keep their freaky selves out of the spotlight. There are way too many children dressed up like adults running around who can’t figure out that other people actually do grow up. Since they can’t figure out that anyone grows up, they also can’t figure out that grown ups mind their own damn business when it comes to private lives. Sex and kink are filed under “private lives,” and as long as the child-like-adults are running amok, they have to be extra careful about hiding their private lives from public view.

So, if you were one of the people getting your jollies over Lahren’s issues lately, and you have some private stuff you don’t want the world to know, maybe you need to figure out something – are you a grown up, or are you one of the overgrown adolescents? Think about it.